Why Cryptocurrency is Down Today: The Current State of the Market

Why Cryptocurrency is Down Today

The current state of the cryptocurrency market is a nerve-wracking one. The total market cap has been steadily declining for months, and many believe that this is a result of the SEC announcement that it will be regulating cryptocurrencies. In addition to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Russia has also issued an order … Read more

NFT Marketplace Website: Developing Tips

Developing An NFT Marketplace Website

NFTs are not interchangeable, non-tangible assets like paintings. It would not be the real deal if you put Mona Lisa wallpaper on your phone. And you can’t sell your own paintings for NFTs unless you have a wallet to store them in. The NFT marketplace is a great solution for this problem, and players can … Read more

How to Invest in the Metaverse with $100

How to Invest in the Metaverse with $100

The metaverse is the world of virtual reality, where you can explore without being confined to a screen. It’s a digital space where you can create worlds with interactive elements, friends, and even other users. The metaverse is so much more then just video games. You will be able to work, shop, socialize, and more … Read more

What are Crypto Punks and everything you need to know about it

What are Crypto-Punks

What are crypto punks and what makes their randomly generated 8­bit look so worthwhile?In this article, we take an in­ depth look into why these digital misfits are being auctioned for thousands and thousands of {dollars}? And you’ll uncover why crypto-punks kick began the nft crypto artwork motion.   What Are Crypto-Punks? Crypto punks are … Read more