CBN Set to give over 1,000 farmers over 300k for ACGSF funds

ACGSF funds

As you already know the current government of Nigeria always has one way or the other to support the agriculture sector and farmers. CBN’s in conjunction with Federal Government set to give thousands of farmers over 300,000 naira Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (ACGSF) But what is ACGSF and how to go about getting the … Read more

FG Begins ₦250,000 National Directorate Of employment Loan To Youths and SMEs

NDE Loan homepage

The National Directorate Of employment(NDE) was established to tackle unemployment in the country. Due to the drastic closure of companies in the country and the devaluation of the Naira the Nigerian government, FG Begins 250,000 National Directorate Of Employment Loan To Youths and SMEs. NDE have some mandates and what they Do NDE Mandates Vocational … Read more

How To Apply For GEEP Loan In Nigeria ( Interest-Free FG Public Loan)

Fedral government intrest free loan GEEP

Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme was launched by the Federal government at Owerri and inaugurated by Sadiya Umar Farouq, The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development. GEEP loan in Nigeria This loan program was launched to help the poor and reduce poverty in society. Mainly for petty traders and farmers Basically, this loan … Read more

Access Nirsal MFB Youth Investment Fund And CBN SMEs Loan – Apply Now

Nirsal MFB always have the portfolio for Nigerian Youth, business and economy deveolopment loan. Nirsal introduce good numbers of loan opprtunities for Youth ,Nigeria Youth Investment Fund , buiness owners Anchor Borrowers' Program,Salary Advance and SME Loan among others Nirsal Nigeria Youth Investment Fund This time of loan is introduced by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) and funded by CBN to improve productivity of the youth and increase job opprtunity by reducing te unemployment rate. This will increase creativity of Nigerian youth and give the youth more ocfident to invest more This fund intending to invest in innovative ideas, skills & talents of Nigerian youths to easily turn them to entrepreneur The fund target youth either with registered business or no business at all but good inovation Eligibility For Individual with no buiness registered Must ave a valid BVN A business plan summary Must first register to be train as entreporeneur at Nisral Youth Investment Fund For Registered buiness Valid BVN, Buiness Plan sumarry CAC certificate Tin Also have to comeplet entreporeneur training  at Nisral Youth Investment Fund How To Apply Nirsal Nigeria Youth Investment Fund You first get trained by Nisral Youth Investment Fund Apply for loan Submit an application to the NMFB’s portal Wait Fir approval After approval loan get Disburse to NMFB Nirsal MFB Buiness loan and  Agroloan Nirsal MFB with th eintervention of the Central Bank Of Nigeria bringing the Anchor Borrowers' Program  single digit loan by Fedral Government of Nigeria. This program help to boos the agriculture section of the economy. In accordance to that Nirsal MFB also bring other loan facilities for small busineses to help them increase their productivity They are helping along with th ebusiness chain from the production to processing and marketing that will meet the international standard The Nira MFB CBN Anchor Borrowers' Program have clear objective Diversify the economy, Improve access to finance, Create jobs and Inclusive growth. Nirsal MFB also introduce the Salary Advance and SME Loan. This products was added to help the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  increase there productivity with an affordable credit facilities and also for the salary earners to have easy loan facilities to easily cater for there imidiate needs This loan ranges from N50,000 to N250million with competitive intrest To make the loan facilities easily accessable there is loan ranges form 50,000 to 300,000 for petty traders who have existing business and need a credit facilities The oetty trader loan loan facility does not require bank histry from Nirsal MFB or any banks just to make the loan easy to get. On the other side for the salary advance loan the applicant must have at least 3 month consistent paid salary before applying. Nirasal make the intrest very competitive with a streamlined documents needed just to make the loan easily accessable How To Apply To CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme For the anchor loan you are to submit EOI that is the Expression Of Intrest to their bank of PFI( Paticipanting Finacial Institute) just for example Expression of Interest for NIRSAL MICROFINANCE BANK to  the PFI in the Maize Farmers Project Under the CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme After reciving the EOI You will be required to bring the processor’s capacity to offtake the produce from the farmers at harvest the list of farmers required (numbers, names, BVNs) the commodity required the choice of NIRSAL Microfinance Bank as the Participating Financial Institution (PFI) for the project etc. After reciving the documents then you will wait for appisals Then fund request will be made from CBN Then offer letter and disbursment starts.

Nirsal MFB always has a portfolio for Nigerian Youth, business, and economic development loans. Nirsal introduce a good number of loan opportunities for Youth, Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, business owners Anchor Borrowers’ Program, Salary Advance, and SME Loan among others   Nirsal Nigeria Youth Investment Fund This time the loan is introduced by the Federal … Read more

CBN-Wema Bank SME Loan For Nigerians : Apply Now

It is always helpful when commercial banks in conjunction with CBN give loans to Nigerians because it will be easily accessible and have easy requirements. Wema always have different loans that suit different businesses either micro, small or medium enterprises .. MSMEs

It is always helpful when commercial banks in conjunction with CBN give loans to Nigerians because it will be easily accessible and have easy requirements. Wema always have different loans that suit different businesses either micro, small or medium enterprises .. MSMEs CBN aim to increase the productivity of the country’s business person by offering … Read more

FG Begins SMEDAN 1.5m Loan: Start Application Now

FG set to ive out 1.4m Smedan Loan

  FG Begins SMEDAN 1.5m Loan to help Small and Medium Enterprises, Giving loans with low or no interest at all and this was established in 2003. Let me quickly show you how to access the 2022/2023 SMEDAN Federal Government loan. SMEDAN stands for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria which have the … Read more

How to get a Venmo loan 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

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 Do you want to take a Venmo loan? But unfortunately, you don’t know how to go about it and get the loan. If yes, then relax, as this article is just for you. At a point in one’s life comes the need to get a loan to execute business, contracts, or urgent unforeseen situations. And … Read more

How to Send Money from Venmo Balance (Very Easy Steps)

How to Send Money from Venmo Balance easily

Venmo is a payment system that is owned by Paypal and was founded in America in 2009. This app was built to help people who wanted to split bills, probably in a restaurant, make fast transactions within themselves. With Venmo, you can transfer funds to other Venmo users staying in the United States. Venmo is … Read more