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Worst Long-Term Care Insurance Companies (Is long-term care insurance worth it and what disqualifies from long-term care insurance)

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Welcome to today’s article where we will have a discussion about the worst long-term care insurance companies, is long-term care insurance worth it, and also what disqualifies from long-term care insurance before we talk about all of this we have to know what long-term care insurance is.

Many people may not really have much understanding about this long-term care insurance, that is why this article is important because we are going to explain everything and make it understandable.

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance is a popular insurance product that is sold around  Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United State, this insurance company helps you pay for the cost which is associated with long-term care.

The long term care insurance will help you pay for your expenses as you grow older and needs help, long-term care expenses such as; adult care service, nursing home stay, assisted living, and so on. You will be qualified for long-term care when you are in need of 2 out of 6 activities of daily living such as getting around, bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, or grooming.

What Disqualifies From Long-Term Care Insurance

You can be disqualified from long-term care insurance if you have one of these characteristics such as:

  • A Chronic Health Condition: If you have a chronic health issue it is very possible for you to be disqualified for the insurance health issues like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or heart disease.
  • Criminal Report: Anyone with a criminal report will be disqualified especially if the person has been convicted before.
  • History Of Substance Abuse: If you have any type of history of abuse like alcohol, drugs, or rape this insurance cannot cover that type of person.
  • Older Age: It is likely people that who are above or around 80 can not be covered by this insurance or cannot be qualified for long-term care insurance.
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Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth It?

This is a big question that everyone wants to know the truth about, the answer to this question is YES, long-term care insurance is really worth it for most people because it helps and protects them against the risks of paying for custodial care, nursing home, or assisted living. This insurance policy will help you a lot because without their coverage one might spend more than $54,000 in a year for living expenses.

6 Worst Long-Term Care Insurance Companies

We will be listing the top 6 worst long-term care insurance companies that are not advisable for people to register with them, here are the company’s names and why they are not good;

1. MassMutual

MassMutual is one of the insurance companies that is still offering traditional long-term care insurance policies, this policy is very difficult to get because decreasing profits can cause a lot of companies to leave the market.

2. Genworth Financial

The Genworth company is one of the worst insurance companies because their premiums increased by 150% which resulted in a class action lawsuit. This company uses to be the major game in the long-term care insurance market but now they only sell policies through direct-to-customers channels or employers.

3. New York Life

New York life insurance company is one of the most expensive long-term care insurance because they charge two times extra than other long-term care insurance do.

4. AARP Long-Term Care Insurance

The AARP is a very trusted name among the higher population, their offering is useful for content to guide and protect their senior customers but they can be very expensive for registration as the New York life.

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5. CalPERS

The CalPERS is currently suspended but in case they are free just know that they are subject to class action lawsuits due to the fact of their rate hikes and also the reduced benefits.

6. AIG

The AIG company is one of the worst long-term care insurance, they are also the largest company in the insurance market in the world and they have been accused of getting away with the way they have been maltreating their client in the past years.


In summary, we were able to list the worst long-term care insurance companies and we are able to let you know if long-term care insurance is worth it and what disqualifies someone from long-term care insurance. I hope in this article we are able to break down things to make this long-term care insurance understandable for people so in case you want to register for the long-term care insurance. Long-term care insurance is very useful and helpful for every above 18 years but also has a limit for elderly people that are above 80 years old.

Thank you for reading, you can now drop any of your questions or inquiries in the comments sections I will be glad to attend to them all.