Fundrise IPO: The New Way to Invest in Real Estate

Fundrise IPO

Investing in real estate is usually reserved for the wealthy. However, Fundrise has changed that with their latest IPO (Initial Public Offering). The company had a goal of raising $100 million and succeeded by reaching $135 million.   With the success of their IPO, more people are now able to invest in real estate without … Read more

Fundrise or Realty Mogul: Which One Do You Choose?

Fundrise or Realty Mogul

With the rapid growth of online real estate investing, more and more people are considering private property investments. There are a lot of options out there, fundrise or realty mogul. But which one is best? Fundrise and Realty Mogul is the two biggest name you really need to know in investment crowdfunding. Fundrise, founded in … Read more

Is Fundrise FDIC Insured? The Truth To Know


The Fundrise FDIC Insured status is one of the most asked for questions. It’s also probably the most confusing answer to understand. Some think that this FDIC Insurance means that anyone with money invested in Fundrise is guaranteed 100% security, but the truth is that the Fundrise isn’t FDIC insured. The  status can be confusing … Read more

Is Fundrise Legit or Scam? The Truth And Facts

Is Fundrise Legit Or Scam

The question going around right now is, Is Fundrise Legit or Scam? If you’ve seen a friend or family member post about Fundrise on Facebook or Instagram, you might be wondering if it’s legitimate. The truth is that there are a lot of real estates investment platforms out there, and many of them can seem … Read more

Is Fundrise Worth It?

Is Fundrise Worth It?

Question on fundrise worth is a very important question for every investor out there. Nevertheless, every investor should know that investing in the stock market has always been considered a good idea and a smart financial move. But, there are thousands of different companies to choose from and it can be hard to understand what … Read more

Fundrise – Investing Made Simple

Fundrise - Investing Made Simple

A new opportunity has surfaced for investors seeking to make a positive difference with their money. .Fundrise is the first-ever investment platform that allows everyone from individual investors to large institutions to invest in commercial real estate online. Fundrise makes it easy for you, no matter how much you have to invest, with a minimum … Read more

Why You Should Consider VVS Finance Services

VVS Finance Services

VVS finance has been in business for over 12 years and it’s one of the top-rated experienced companies that offer quality and affordable loans for everyone who needs a personal loan.  No matter what you need money for maybe for your daily spending or for something urgently needed this is one of the best wVVS … Read more

Real Estate Investment : 4 Tips You Need To Know

Real Estate Investment tips

Real estate investment is oftentimes a profitable investment, providing both earnings through rentals and capital revenue when a property that has been appreciated is offered off. It is also a sensible technique to help broaden your portfolio because it’s a different asset than bonds and shares. And it also can be more readily available to … Read more

Beginners Investment Tips: 8 Things To Know

Beginners Investment Tips! 8 tips

Of course, a lot of us are very interested in the word investment. But sadly, many quickly plunge themselves into investing all their capital without making proper research. There are some beginners investment tips I’ve prepared to guide you. The result of their carelessness in most cases should be obvious to you. To help you … Read more

Micro Loan Investment : Benefits, Its Definition and Risks

Micro Loan Investment

The year 2020 made a certain truth stark clear; and that truth is, you need an alternative means of sustenance. And that is Micro Loan Investment. The pandemic led to a colossal decline in the world’s economy. A lot of people lost their jobs and businesses. People no longer feel working in a physical space … Read more