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Easybuy Loans Nigeria: How to buy, Repay And Join Their VIP

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Easybuy Loan app is a loan app specifically for buying phones in installments in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of PalmCredit the popular loan app in Nigeria but today we will not be discussing Palmcredit we will be talking about Easybuy Loans in Nigeria.

The full process of how to buy a phone on loan with easy buy and pay later, how to repay the loan, and the easybuy VIP loan they also introduce.

With Easybuy now Nigerians can comfortably buy any high price smartphone with ease and pay installments with ease just like the name implies easybuy lol!

To achieve this easy buy partners with a lot of retailers just as 3hub( one of the biggest mobile phone retailers in Nigeria) and some other companies.

How did easybuy work

Easybuy work in a very simple 4 steps!

These are easy steps to follow and you get any smartphone of your choice and payback in installment

Step1: Look for an easybuy agent contact

But, you might be wondering how will you get those agents’ contact. Easybuy is very popular in Nigeria and they are always at any stores where smartphones and electronic devices are sold.

Just visit any and ask of easybuy agent they will guide you to one.

Step 2: Pick the smartphone you want

Now it’s time for you to choose the smartphone you want to buy.

Here you need to calm yourself down and choose your favorite smartphone because after all documentation has been done you cannot change it that you want another model.

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Remember! All these devices are completely new just choose your choice.

Step3: Documentation and Account Opening

After you have chosen your favorite smartphone then documentation starts.

You will need to first create easybuy account with the agent. This is the stage where you will be required to fill in your name, address, income information, phone number, BVN, firm name if any, debit card information, ID card, and other vital detail.

Also, you will need to give the four people contact to confirm if you are who you claim to be and their words would be taken as collateral or substitute

Once you are done with this, then you will need to pay a 30% downpayment of the amount of the mobile phone and then schedule your installment payments, on how to make the balance payments.

There are three  tenors for easybuy repayments which are three months, six months, and twelve months

Step 4: Login to the easybuy mobile app on your new smartphone for repayment tracking

after making a downpayment of 30% Now login to your easybuy account on their app on the new phone, slot in your card, and select your tenor of payment.

They will be deducting from your card at the due date and you can also decide to pay up before the date.

Ways To Payback Easybuy

Apart from linking your card and making autopayment, you can also pay:

  • Using the easybuy app
  • By doing the transfer manually
  • Giving easybuy agent cash
  • Paying through flutter wave checkout
  • Also through bank deposit.
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Easybuy give a lot of flexible payback option so that their users will not find any reason for failed payback

How did EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan works

This is the next level after you have successful buy a phone with easybuy and payback. Then they will grant you a VIP cash loan where you can now borrow from 10,000 to 100,000 from them in cash.

This is an exclusive feature for their trusted customers that have to buy phones using the easybuy and paid back!

After you have got the easybuy VIP cash loan you will be able to select your repayment tenor maybe 3 months or 6 months and it is a very quick loan.

Conclusion on Easybuy Loans Nigeria: How to buy, Repay And Join Their VIP

Remember this is a loan app though just for mobile phones so they have their interest on each phone depending on the tenor of payment ranging from 6% interest to 9%.

And with this info, you can get your next smartphone through easybuy with ease and payback.