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FG Begins ₦250,000 National Directorate Of employment Loan To Youths and SMEs

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The National Directorate Of employment(NDE) was established to tackle unemployment in the country. Due to the drastic closure of companies in the country and the devaluation of the Naira the Nigerian government, FG Begins 250,000 National Directorate Of Employment Loan To Youths and SMEs.

NDE have some mandates and what they Do

NDE Mandates

Vocational Skills Developments

They are met to design programs to combat Unemployments in the country

Agricultural skills training

Entrepreneur developments

They also have a good number of programs on grand to help  the development of the country


NDE has a lot of programs but let’s quickly state this 20 NDE programs you can checkout

  1. Loans Disbursement Schemes – Enterprise Creation Fund
  2. School-on-wheels (SOW) Scheme
  3. Resettlement Loan Scheme (RLS)
  4. Basic and advanced National Open Apprenticeship Scheme (NOAS)
  5. Community-Based Training Scheme (CBTS
  6. NDE-Enterprise and Finance Counseling Clinic (NDE-efcc)
  7. Micro Business Skills Training Scheme
  8. Enterprise Start-up and development Training Scheme
  9. Rural Handicraft Training Scheme (RHTS)
  10. Rural Agricultural Development Training Scheme (RADTS)
  11. Integrated Farming Training Scheme (IFTS)
  12. Graduate Attachment Programme (GAP)
  13. Renewable Energy Development Training Scheme (RETS)
  14. Entrepreneurship Development Scheme
  15. Enterprise Start-up and development Training Scheme (formerly Start Your Own Business)
  16. Community Development Scheme (CDS)
  17. Special Public Works Housing Scheme
  18. NDE Agricultural Park Project
  19. Common Facility Centres
  20. Post-RADTS Training Scheme


Recently great news come from the NDE Director-General, Abubakar Fikpo about the Loans Disbursement Schemes and talk about not only relying on the certificates but work on self-employment and productivity.

He said “Yes, it’s good to get the certificates, but it’s also good to have skills. So, we want the attitude of unemployed Nigerians to change because we keep saying that certificates will not pay your bills.

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He also added

“But your hands are ready-made tools for you. The moment you acquire skills, you can go to fend for yourself. You can have something to do,”

He also talks about the loan and the amount

“At the end of a recent NDE training on entrepreneurship, 40 beneficiaries out of 100 got loan packages ranging between N250,000 and N500,000 and they are now in serious businesses.

“In agriculture, the Rural Employment Promotion Department of the NDE recently trained 93 participants who were given N100,000 each as loan packages.

How To Apply For NDE

  • First, you need to visit the  NDE Official website
  • Then you need to go through the website for the requirements and others
  • Then you need to click apply on the top right corner
  • Fill the 7 information in the boxes
  • Input your full name, email, and phone number, you will also need your Nimc Number, input your state and Local Government Area then select the program you are applying for in the drop-down then you can click submit.