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Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews 2023(Liberty Mutual Car Insurance, Liberty Mutual Phone Number, Liberty Customer Service)

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Today we will be talking about liberty mutual insurance reviews, liberty mutual car insurance, liberty mutual phone number, and also their customer service, Most people may not know what liberty mutual insurance is and how it works but in today’s discussion, this is what we will be talking about.

What Is Liberty Mutual Insurance

The liberty mutual group was founded in 1912 in Boston, this company offers a lot of insurance products and services range such as personal automobile, workers’ compensation, homeowners insurance, commercial automobile, general liability, global specialty, and so on.

Liberty mutual group is an American diverse global insurer and it s the sixth largest property insurer in the whole of the United state, they are ranked 71st on the Fortune 100 list of the biggest and largest cooperation in the United States. This company is specialized in insurance.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance

Liberty mutual car insurance has a lot of coverage options and we will also be stating the insurance rate and a lot of things that you need to know, Liberty mutual auto insurance quotes are 21% to 36% above average.

Coverage Options

  • Accident Forgiveness: With this type of coverage, the monthly rate will not increase after your first accident but this will only happen if you are accident-free for 5 years.
  • Replacement Of Better Car: Better car replacement will compensate you for a car that is a year newer.
  • Diminishing Deductible Funds: These are the funds that are deducted from your claims check when one makes a comprehensive insurance claim. You will pay $30 every year and liberty mutual will reduce your deductible to $100 yearly.
  • Replacement Of New Car: This insurance policy can replace your new car if it is stolen in the first year, this policy will make provision for money for you to buy a new car that is the same as your car.
  • GAP Insurance: liberty mutual will make coverage for your car if stolen and you purchase it on loan, they will pay for the loan and also buy you a new car.
  • Roadside Assistance: Liberty mutual can cover your car if it develops an issue on the road and needs help or towing, they are also going to pay for the working and the towing.
  • Coverage For Medical: This insurance policy will cover any type of injury if you have an accident and it will also cover your passengers.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This PIP insurance will be as coverage for you and your passenger that gets into an accident, this will sort out their medical bills and all expenses.
  • Collision Insurance Coverage: They make payment to fix your car or purchase you a new one only if it is damaged by a car or other objects like fences, or trees.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: This insurance policy will pay for your car if it is damaged by fire, flood, vandalism, or any type of weather climate.
  • Liberty Car Coverage: This will insurance will cover the damage that is caused by you accentually, the policy will pay for every damage and if there is any case in court it will be paid for.
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Liberty Mutual Phone Number

Liberty mutual insurance company has a phone number that you can easily contact to ask for enquires or question you can call on this number 800-500-7044 and you will be attending to, you can also call this number if you want to make any payment online 1-800-824-7317 they are always open from 8 am to 8 pm, they are very easy to communicate with and they will give you all the answer you want to know about Liberty Mutual Insurance company.

Liberty Customer Service

If you have noticed any type of insurance fraud or you are scammed you can quickly dial this number to report everything you see or might have passed through 1-617-357-9500. You will be attended to and if you need any type of road assistance you can contact this number 1-800-426-9898.

Liberty mutual customer service is very easy to contact and they attend to their customers with ease and full of respect because they love their customers and they want the best for them.

Other Insurance That Liberty Mutual Offers

Liberty Mutual also offers other types of insurance that can be useful for us all which include:

  • Flood insurance coverage
  • Auto insurance coverage
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Mobile home insurance coverage
  • Pet insurance coverage
  • Accident insurance coverage
  • Tuition insurance coverage
  • Flood insurance coverage
  • Small business insurance coverage
  • Landlord insurance coverage.


In conclusion, we now know what liberty mutual insurance reviews are and also we have talked about liberty mutual customer service we have also given the phone number so that one can easily and directly contact them to make inquiries or make type complaints.

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We have also stated other insurance that liberty mutual offers which can be helpful and needed for us all, so we can as well sign in for them too. Thank you for reading, for any questions or inquiries you can drop them in the comment section.