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What Is A Blanket Mortgage And Blanket Mortgage Pros And Cons

what is blanket mortgage

Many people might not know what a blanket mortgage is, so in our today’s article we will be telling you what is a blanket mortgage and the best blanket mortgage lenders, we will also be discussing the pros and cons of a blanket mortgage lender, blanket loan requirements and other things that we need to know about a blanket mortgage.

What Is A Blanket Mortgage?

A blanket mortgage is a type of loan or a single mortgage that takes coverage for more than two pieces of real estate, the real estate is going to be held as collateral for the loan/mortgage, it can be a very good alternative that can be used to finance the buying of many properties by the developers and investor of real estate.

Who Needs Blanket Mortgage?

A blanket mortgage can be covered in many pieces of real estates, such as undeveloped or developed land and residential or commercial property. The buildings or land will be used as collateral to make the loan secured. These are the people who need a blanket mortgage:

  • Developers
  • Real estate investors
  • House flippers
  • Business with multiple business locations.
  • Blanket mortgages are not needed for vacation homes, primary residents, or new buildings.

Blanket Loan Requirements

Before applying for a blanket loan, the blanket mortgage has requirements that one needs to meet before the loan can be given to you; here are some requirements that are needed before obtaining a blanket loan:

  • The borrowers’ credit strength will be needed: your personal credit history and income will be required during the application.
  • The business credit strength: A debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) of 1.25x minimum is necessary for your business before applying for the loan.
  • Industry Experience: the blanket lender will like to know if the borrower has an experience with the loan they want to apply for and the type of business they want to do.
  • Property Strength: The blanket lender will want to know how many properties you have, the value of the property, and where the properties are located.
  • Net Income: The lender will like to know the net income information if rental properties are included in the loan.
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Blanket Mortgage Pros And Cons

A blanket mortgage has advantages and disadvantages which are also called the pros and cons, we will be giving the pros and the cons of a blanket mortgage so we can understand this type of loan well.

Pros Of Blanket Mortgage

  1. It saves energy, a lot of time, and money.
  2. This type of loan allows the borrowers and investors to make use of multiple properties under just one loan instead of separating the loan.
  3. The blanket mortgage helps the borrowers retain more money because they only have to repay one loan not minding the number of properties involved.
  4. It helps a real estate investor to save money for another purpose business.
  5. The borrower only has one loan to repay after the approval of the loan.
  6. It is permitted to sell off one property with the condition that it will not affect the debt remains.
  7. They also have a good interest rate.

Cons Of Blanket Mortgage

  1. Blanket loans can be difficult to get.
  2. The blanket loan terms can differ from the conventional mortgage which might cause loss to all the properties if it has defaulted.
  3. The lenders can sometimes require a higher upfront payment which can be like 25%- 50%, which might be a little difficult for borrowers
  4. The blanket lenders can sometimes be funny to tell the borrowers to pay in full within a short period of time
  5. Getting qualified for this loan can be a difficult thing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who can apply for a blanket mortgage?

People that can apply for a blanket mortgage are real estate investors, developers, house flippers, and business that has a lot of locations.

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2. What is a blanket mortgage?

A blanket mortgage is a type of loan that is used to finance the purchase of multiple real estates in conjunction with real estate investors and developers.

3. What is the collateral that can be used for a blanket mortgage?

The collateral that the blanket mortgage lender will ask for is real estate.

4. Is a blanket mortgage good?

Blanket mortgage saves time, money, and energy but they also have their cons that might be stopping borrowers to apply for a loan.


We have explained what is a blanket mortgage and the pros and cons of a blanket mortgage, we have also stated the requirements needed before applying for a blanket mortgage and the people that can apply for this type of loan. This type of loan can be difficult to get but when you are approved there are a lot of advantages that you will receive and will save a lot of money because you are to pay for only one loan in respect of the number of properties one has.

Thank you for reading, for more inquiries you can drop them in the comments section I will be attending to them all.