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Why Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Is The Best Bang For Your Buck- See Why

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What’s your drink of choice? Like most people, you probably have at least one or two favorites that you can’t go a day without drinking. One of the most popular brands today is Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey, and it’s not hard to see why! The cost-effectiveness and high quality make it worth trying, especially if you want to mix up your typical routine. Read on to learn more about why this whiskey deserves a spot in your liquor cabinet.


Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Is Easy To Find

Find a Kirkland’s Tennessee Whiskey store near you and take a trip over. Prices vary, but they’re often at least $10 cheaper than other big-name whiskeys on sale. Pick up a bottle (they come in 750ml bottles) and check out their deals; some are even more inexpensive than store prices! Many of their stores have tasting bars so you can try before you buy, too. You won’t find it on many bar shelves, but you might just find it if you head to one of these stores. And if not, don’t worry—this whiskey will still be delicious straight from your fridge! It’s smooth: This Tennessee Whiskey is made with malted barley, corn and rye in small batches that give it its smooth taste. It’s aged three years in new charred oak barrels, giving it its amber color and sweet aroma. It has notes of vanilla, honey and spices like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg which make it an excellent choice for sipping neat or on ice. Its full flavor makes it great for mixing into cocktails like Manhattans or Old Fashioneds. The high proof (45% alcohol by volume) also means that each sip packs a punch!


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Tastes Great And Is Smooth

It’s easy to drink, despite its strong flavor. The whiskey has a great taste that is both smooth and flavorful. There are many blends on today’s market but, in our opinion, none compares to kirkland. It has an unforgettable aroma and pleasant taste that grabs your attention and holds until you finish your glass or bottle. You can try others but always end up coming back to kirkland. That’s because there simply isn’t anything else quite like it on today’s market…we think, anyway! If you have tried other products and found them less than satisfying, give kirkland a try and see if we don’t change your mind forever! We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find when you start using kirkland tennessee whiskey. And once you do, chances are good that you’ll never go back to another brand again! Give us a shot. What do you have to lose? You might just be surprised at how much better your drinks will taste from now on! Enjoy life one sip at a time with kirkland tennessee whiskey and we hope that you enjoy every single drop of every pour as much as we enjoyed making it for you! Happy sipping!

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Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Is Less Than $20

What’s so amazing about cheap whiskey? If you ask anyone at a liquor store they’ll have some advice on what’s great to buy on a budget. But according to Master Distiller Jackie Zykan, there are only two kinds of whiskey out there: good and bad. She means that it all comes down to where it’s made and how long it was aged. Some distillers cut corners on both things to keep costs low, but not us; we think every penny should count so we’ve made sure every drop of our bold-flavored whiskey was aged long enough in new charred oak barrels for your taste buds to notice. So don’t spend more than $20 on any other whiskey—you’re just paying for marketing. Instead get a bottle of Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey and enjoy every sip knowing you got more bang for your buck. And remember, Cheap whiskey is like buying leather jackets at Walmart. It might look like leather but it ain’t leather. –Jackie Zykan

Unique Taste Compared To Other Whiskeys

Most whiskeys are aged in new barrels or barrels that have been used once and then emptied, which means you get a lot of oak flavor in your whiskey. Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is a bit different; it’s aged for three years but up to five years in used bourbon casks from Jack Daniels. This gives it a rich taste and a smooth finish. And if you’re on a budget, know that bottle of Jack costs $29.99 on Costco’s website while its signature Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Black Label runs $34.99 (though prices vary by state). So for around $10 more, Kirkland’s slightly older version seems like a pretty good deal. You can find out more about Kirkland Tennessee whiskey here . Or learn how to make a delicious cocktail with it here .

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1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

4 oz lemon-lime soda, chilled* (we recommend Sierra Mist)

4–5 cups ice cubes + extra for garnish** Instructions: 1. Add vodka, simple syrup and ice cubes to a blender. Blend until smooth. 2. Add club soda and pulse until just combined—you want some bubbles! 3. Pour into glasses over ice cubes with additional ice cubes as desired for garnish.* *If you don’t have access to Sierra Mist, regular club soda will work fine as well **Be sure not to overfill your glass–this drink has lots of bubbles!


Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey

Smooth Highball Cocktails

Highballs are easy to make, fun to drink, and dependable as a three-day weekend. They’re also a great way to break out of old cocktail habits. Though they look similar to Manhattans, they’re lighter on both alcohol and sugar content—most are served in lowball glasses without ice—and are one of those drinks you can order even if you don’t know what’s in it. You’ll need: A highball glass or two rocks glasses ice A bottle of decent whiskey (we used Gentry Tennessee Bourbon) 1/2 cup water (or soda water, or club soda) 1 tablespoon simple syrup Ice cubes Stir your whiskey with simple syrup and water until thoroughly mixed. Fill each glass with ice and pour over some whiskey. Top off each glass with more ice and add a splash of soda water or club soda. Serve immediately. Cheers!


Great In Shots

I’m not a whiskey snob. I don’t have to have all of my liquor neat, or from a certain area, or aged in barrels made from things I can’t pronounce. To me, whiskey tastes like booze—and that’s about it. However, if you want to drink your booze on the rocks instead of mixed with coke or 7Up, I recommend saving some money and picking up a bottle of Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey . You’ll get what you’d expect in a glass: an alcohol-forward bite with only hints of other flavors. But when you mix it into cocktails, something magical happens. The ice will melt and dilute its flavor even more, making it taste less harsh than other whiskeys. Many bartenders swear by using it as their go-to mixing whiskey because it pairs with most mixes (especially colas). It won’t replace your favorite single malt scotch, but nothing will. So if you’re looking for something affordable but still good enough to be used behind a bar (or at home), Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey is your best bet.

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Mixes Well With Ginger Ale

Whether you’re drinking it as a cocktail or on its own, you don’t want your whiskey to be too harsh. If a drink causes your lips to pucker when you take a sip, it’s not doing its job properly. You may have heard that adding orange peel makes whiskey smoother, but it’s about using fruit-based liqueurs instead of citrus juice. Add a dash of Chambord or triple sec and voila—your drink just got fancier without breaking the bank. It won’t hurt if you throw in some bitters either. They’re great at cutting through sweetness and adding depth to drinks. They make an excellent alternative to expensive bitters like Angostura and Peychaud’s. Plus, making your bitters couldn’t be easier: all you need are vodka, a glass jar with a lid (preferably one with holes), and herbs like mint or lavender that complement whatever liquor you’re using (gin works well). Put some alcohol in there with your botanicals, give it a shake every day for two weeks, strain out what doesn’t belong (i.e., everything besides liquid), and boom—you’ve got yourself some homemade bitters!

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Conclusion On Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey offers up a great taste at an even better price. Kirkland is a great solution if you’re looking to cut back on your drinking and stay within your budget. At around $15 per bottle, it’s one of our go-to picks when we want to save some money without compromising on taste. If you want to try some top shelf bourbon but don’t want to spend too much, Kirkland whiskey is a perfect choice. It delivers quality in all senses of that word, making it ideal for everyday drinking or occasional splurges—just make sure you don’t drink too much.