Home Business Is bolt cheaper than uber: Bolt Vs Uber (Detailed Review)

Is bolt cheaper than uber: Bolt Vs Uber (Detailed Review)

bolt vs uber


Alternative transportation services are becoming popular among people. Rather than going through the stress of hunting for a taxi, one can book a ride from any chosen service using an app. Bolt and Uber are the top-rated ride-hailing services, but is bolt cheaper than uber? or which is cheaper?  Now it’s the Bolt Vs Uber fight lol!

If you’re comparing Bolt vs Uber with a focus on affordability, Bolt is a clear winner. A contributing factor to their price differences is the commission they charge their drivers. Bolt takes between 15 to 20% on trip completion, while Uber takes 20 to 30% from their drivers.

Whether you are planning on booking a ride or considering becoming a driver for a ride-hailing service, you will benefit immensely from this comprehensive article on Bolt and Uber services.

Which Is Cheaper Between Uber And Bolt

Bolt prices are generally lower than that of Uber. Bolt collects a 15 to 20% tariff from drivers for a ride. Uber takes 20% to 30%.

Is Bolt Cheaper Than Uber: Bolt Vs Uber

Results from various surveys and customer reviews conclude that Bolt is cheaper than Uber.

Bolt entered the market as a competitor to Uber, an already established ride-hailing service. While Uber, which is the older brand, charges more than Bolt. Their prices do not reduce their service delivery quality as both are very efficient and reliable services. Nevertheless, they are both fantastic brands.

Bolt Vs Uber Prices

Bolt prices are lower than Uber. Since the inception of Bolt, they have been intentional about making their prices affordable and customer friendly. Bolt also gives out promo codes to subsidize costs for their customers.

As a hailing customer service, they link riders to drivers servicing their apps. Both Uber and Bolt charge commissions from their drivers for successful rides. Bolt takes 15 to 25%, which is smaller than Uber’s 20 to 30%.

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Another aspect of Bolt’s pricing structure friendlier than Uber’s is their trip cancellation policy. Uber charges a fee for every trip cancellation, and the payment is added to your next trip.

On the other hand, Bolt is a bit lenient. They charge a fee if the user cancels more than two minutes after a driver accepts or a driver withdraws after waiting 4-8 minutes for the customer.

Why Is Bolt So Much Cheaper Than Uber

Uber was founded in 2008 and was already a budding car-hailing service by the time Bolt became operational in 2003. Bolt had to operate on lower costs and commissions to compete with Uber. They came into the market as a cheaper alternative to Uber and have remained consistent with their affordable pricing structure.

Not only is Bolt Cheaper for customers, but they also charge drivers less. Bolt pays their drivers better than Uber offers its registered drivers. This payment rate is another reason for its affordability.

Which Pays Drivers The More

Amongst these two ride-hailing services, Bolt has the better-paying option for Drivers. It charges drivers 15 – 25% for every successful ride, unlike Uber, which charges 20 – 30% for its drivers.

The above figures mean that Uber pays 70 to 80% of the money charged from its users to the driver. While Bolt pays 80 to 85% to the driver, making them the higher-paying service

Which Is Safer

Safety is one thing they cannot afford to take for granted when it comes to ride-hailing services. People must trust that they will be safe using your service providers’ cars.

Uber has safety features built into the app, allowing you to communicate your location with loved ones. GPS tracking will enable them to track every ride until it arrives at its destination.

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Using the GPS, they can detect when a trip has a prolonged stop en route to its destination. Their 24-hour customer service will contact you to see if you need assistance.

Customers can verify with a pin that the car they are boarding is the right car with the right driver, as shown on the app. Uber provides speed limit alerts and driver hour limits. They also inspect all vehicles and screen their drivers.

Bolt verifies all its drivers in partnership with YouVerify. They check all provided information on the government database to ascertain validity. Details of the driver and the car will be provided when you book a ride.

Riders and their belongings are also insured by Bolt during the trip. On the app, you can share your ETA feature and allow loved ones to track your ride from start to finish. It gives them your driver’s and car’s information. You also get the chance to rate your ride and view previous ratings.

Even though they have similar safety precautions, Uber seems to have a slight edge compared to Bolt.

What Are The Requirements For Uber And Bolt?

Due to the strict selection of drivers for car-hailing services, some requirements are necessary to drive for either Bolt or Uber. The condition comprises both things the driver needs to possess and an acceptable standard car. The requirements include all of the following:

Driver Requirements

To enrol as a driver for Uber App, you need to possess all of the following:

  • Phone either an Android or iOS with a valid email address.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Minimums of 21 years of age.
  • Driver profile photo.
  • Safety screening and virtual info session.
  • Meet Uber’sUber’s standard vehicle requirements.
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To enrol as a driver for Bolt App, you need to possess all of the following:

  • A mobile phone ( Android/ios)
  • Hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Complete attendance of the driver training for service quality and use of the Bolt driver application.

Once you complete all requirements, you have passed one selection phase. The next phase is related to your vehicle.

Car Requirements

While enrolling as a driver for Uber App and having your car accepted, the vehicle must pass the following requirements:

  • The model year 2000 or newer
  • 4-door car
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • A working radio
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Roadworthiness certificate
  • A valid Hackney permit

In other to enrol as a driver for Bolt App and have your car accepted, the vehicle must pass the following requirements:

  • Vehicle license
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Certificate of Road-Worthiness
  • Minimum of 4 door
  • Excellent working condition
  • Auto Genius Vehicle Inspection Report

Final Thoughts On Uber Vs Bolt

Both Uber and Bolt are very reliable ride-hailing services. They are amongst the best in their service, and their customers rate them highly. But Bolt is the cheaper option. This less expensive nature doesn’t mean they provide sub-par services; they are great. However, Uber offers more services than Bolt but is not as considerate with prices.

Drivers tend to earn better with Bolt compared to Uber. The Decision on which of them to go with is up to the customer. They are both top-class services and will prove satisfying to their customers. Even though we cannot outrightly say which is the better service provider, we can say that Bolt is Cheaper than Uber.